Scientists Found A Link Between Health And Staying Busy

The research proves it, people who have a busier schedule tend to make healthier decisions than those who just sit around all day.

By on September 20, 2018
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

I know, I know, lazy people sit around and don’t keep in good shape, and people on the go are usually in better shape, right? Not necessarily, but read on, and we’ll break down a little more detail on why that might be.

Some researchers found a sort of subconscious link between a busy schedule and a healthier lifestyle. People who have a full schedule seem to make healthier choices regarding their health and lifestyle. One thing in particular was that busy people showed a higher level of self control. They were able to keep not only to their schedule, but to their diet and exercise plans too. There’s a pretty good theory as to why this happens too.

The theory is that when you’re busy, your self confidence goes up. Just by keeping busy, people feel better about themselves and the things around them. And naturally (subconsciencly), higher self confidence makes us take better care of ourselves. To translate, keeping to a schedule and tasks makes it easier to commit to a healthier lifestyle. The same theory actually applies to our financial decisions too – if people are busy, they tend to be a little more financially responsible. That makes sense if you think “time to kill at the mall, oh look at those shoes!” Check out some more information on the study over here.

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