Science: Having Kids Makes You Happier…Eventually

I found proof, sort of.

By Admin on August 20, 2019
(Photo by Dove/Evening Standard/Getty Images)

I have heard so many of my friends who are parents extol the virtues of parenthood. Exhausting but pure joy, etc etc etc. But, I have always wondered if there is any scientific proof to back that up. 

Today I found proof, sort of.

It turns out, according to this survey, that being a parent DOES make you happier than not parenting, but there’s a catch. Not until MUCH later!

It turns out, The happiness only really kicks in once the kids grow up and move out! According to the researchers, people whose adult children move out like having that social support and their kids around to take care of them, but they like getting that without the stress of having those kids living under their roof.

Oh, and having adult children living at home makes it even worse. This study found that living situation can actually be detrimental to your health. 

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