School Bans Backpacks, Student Uses Microwave Instead

A school’s backpack ban has students carrying all their books by hand, however this student had the idea to use another sort of container – and can also heat his lunch.

By on October 22, 2018
(Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images)

So this is creative, and actually pretty hilarious. A school banned students from wearing backpacks, so this student put all his books in a microwave. And other random containers.

When I was back in 7th grade, my school tried to ban backpacks. That lasted the rest of the year, then magically they returned when I got to 8th grade. This student’s school banned backpacks, but Jacob Ford had another idea for how to carry his books. See, the school banned packs because they were causing injuries to younger, smaller students. They cited larger and more books these days as being a reason. But now rather than carrying books on their backs, students are having to carry them by hand everywhere.

Jacob’s idea was to carry his books by hand, but to use another container, rather than backpack. He must have gotten the idea while eating breakfast in the kitchen one morning, because he decided to throw his books in the microwave, and carry that around school. Jacob also used a wicker basket another day (likely because the microwave caused a little too much attention). He did it as a form of protest against the backpack ban. He wound up getting suspended for a couple days, but not for the reason you’re thinking. Jacob was using his phone to update his mom on the protest, and an official asked him to hand it over after he got caught. He refused, thus the suspension.

Despite that trouble, his mother didn’t seem to mind. She says “I think Jacob’s protest has been very peaceful and I believe he should have his say… At the end of the day, I believe in freedom of speech and so I’m very proud of him for standing up for something he believes in. Microwave or no microwave.” The school has other opinions though, saying that they’re concerned about the parents “glorifying” that sort of behavior rather than working with the school.

Opposition to the backpack rule cites the fact that schoolwork may get lost. Students may not be able to “safely” carry all their things too and from school. Parents say that grades may suffer as school materials get lost or damaged via public transportation or just wear and tear, basically. See some more information on the backpack ban, and Jacob’s microwaveover here.

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