SCAM ALERT! ATM Skimmers On The Rise Locally

Several local ATMs and gas pumps have recently been found compromised

By Marilyn Nelson on September 8, 2021
(Photo JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD/AFP via Getty Images)

The Roseville Police Department is issuing a warning to protect your data and be alert for ATM skimmers. There has been an increase in skimming devices being placed on ATMs and Point of Sale devices.

The first thing you should is look for obvious signs that someone may have tampered with the machines include different colors or graphics that aren’t aligned correctly. Additionally, push or pull on parts of the machine before inserting your card into a reader. All parts of the machine should be solid.

Finally, if you have the option, use your credit card’s chip instead of swiping the magnetic strip.

If you notice anything suspicious, contact the Roseville Police Department.

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