Sarah Jessica Parker Sued For Bailing On $7.5 Million Contract

Sarah Jessica Parker is being hit with a lawsuit after allegedly backing out of a $7.5 million contract with a jewelry designer.

By WKBW on April 26, 2018
sarah jessica parker
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

A jewelry designer, Kat Florence, is suing Sarah Jessica Parker for backing out of a $7.5 million five-year business deal.

Kat teamed with Sarah in October 2015 to promote a new jewelry line. Sarah signed on to be the face and name of the “Sarah Jessica Parker D-Flawless Diamond collection” collection.

According to TMZ, Kat claims that the actress started bailing on the contract almost immediately. Sarah said that she could not promote the product for five months because of her schedule with HBO’s Divorce. She also reportedly refused to show up to promo events. Kat says that Sarah’s flakiness ultimately resulted in the cancellation of the line.

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However, Sarah’s reps have come forward to clarify that, after signing the contract, the company added on more requests. The added amendments included much more promotion than agreed upon. Some changes included things like making 50 Instagram posts a year and taking Kat along to four high-profile events a year, wearing the jewelry to 24 events a year, and so on.

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