Santa Rosa Police Officer And Homeless Woman Strike Up An Unusual Friendship

By Felicia Czochanski on September 4, 2018
(Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images)

Police officers run into all kinds of people on the job and sometimes unlikely bonds are formed. That was the case for Officer Jesse Whitten who’s with the Santa Rosa Police Department. While on patrols, he would regularly strike up conversations with a pregnant homeless woman.

Officer Whitten told the local news, “It’s not every day you see someone who’s homeless and pregnant.” On several occasions he says he tried to get her help, driving her to shelters and detox centers because she struggled with drug use, but she just couldn’t kick her addiction. Well, the Santa Rose Police Department just posted on its Facebook page that Officer Whitten’s family adopted the woman’s baby girl, adding a fourth girl to their family. Incredible, right? It was all set into motion after Officer Whitten took his wife Ashely on a patrol where they checked on the homeless woman. A bond was formed. And in February of this year they got a call from a social worker telling them the woman had just given birth and wanted to see if they wanted to adopt the baby girl. The Whitten’s made it official in court last Thursday by formally adopting the girl, named Harlow. She was born drug addicted, but is now a healthy six month old baby.

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