Do You Think Santa Needs A Modernized Rebrand?

A company recently ran a survey asking participants if Santa Claus should be updated to match the times. See the results here.

By bonneville on December 19, 2018
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Some people think that Jolly Old Saint Nicholas needs a makeover. Should Santa be female? What about a gender neutral Santa?

What’s going on: According to CBS News, a free logo design company called GraphicSprings recently conducted a survey in which it asked participants how they would “rebrand” or “modernize” Santa Claus’ look, transportation and gender.

Gender: The majority of survey respondents stated that Santa’s gender should not change. A total of 72 percent of people said Santa should still be male.

According to the survey results, just over 10 percent of people said that they think Santa should be female.

Newsweek reported that just over 17 percent responded that they thought he should be gender neutral.

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Appearance: The survey found 20 percent of the people who said they would update Santa said they would give him tattoos.

  • Twenty-one percent said that he should go on a diet and get rid of his “bowl full of jelly” belly.
  • Eighteen percent of the people who said they would change Santa said they would give him a new hairstyle.
  • According to the survey, most of the participants said that St. Nick doesn’t need an update.

Transportation: Of the people who think Santa needs to ditch Rudolph, 23 percent said he should just use Amazon Prime.

  • Fox Cleveland reported that 22 percent said Santa should get a flying car.
  • Seventeen percent said Santa should make his Christmas Eve journey on a hoverboard.
  • Most of the survey participants said that Santa should keep his sleigh and reindeer.
By Sydney Chapman

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