Samsung Releases 85-inch 8K TV!

By Admin on October 18, 2018

As mentioned in the headline, Samsung has released an 85-inch 8K TV! The price-tag might stop you dead in your tracks though.

Engadget reports, “The company has opened up American pre-orders for the 85-inch Q900 ahead of its October 28th ship date, and it will cost you a staggering $15,000. While that’s not the most expensive bleeding-edge set we’ve seen (remember when a 4K TV cost $20,000?), it still means monthly payments closer to what you’d expect for a car.”

Would you pay 20,000 for a TV!? That is crazy-talk! Engadget continues with why you should wait, “It’s not just that there’s a dearth of 8K-native content — it’s that the price of 8K sets is likely to plunge in the next few years, just as OLED and 4K prices fell through the floor. By the time there’s enough 8K content to justify a set, the technology should be decidedly more affordable.”

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