Salt And Straw Scoop Shop Coming To Sacramento

This is absolutely amazing!

By Marilyn Nelson on January 10, 2022
(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for WeWork)

Known for their wild ice cream  flavors, eclectic ice cream shop Salt and Straw will be opening soon in midtown Sacramento. 

Currently, the closest Salt and Straw is in the Bay Area. Although, according to Sacramento Business Journal Sacramento we’ll have one opening soon in the Ice Blocks. For those unfamiliar, the Ice Blocks is a hip little neighborhood running along the R Street corridor between 16th and 18th streets. 

Along with tasty favorites like Honey Lavender or Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper you’ll also find some pretty wild flavors. They recently released a limited-edition pack of flavors called “2021 Gone Viral.” The exclusive pack consists of five flavors as weird as 2021 like “Billionaire Boys Space Club,” “#FreeBritney,” “Calamari Contest,” “Non-Fungible-Tropical Tuna Tamales,” and “Nature’s Cereal.”



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