Sacramento To Redding Daily Bus Program Funded

Great news! The SRTA plans to run daily buses that make roundtrips from Redding to Sacramento. Ticket pricing isn’t bad, either!

By Admin on May 2, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Great news! The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency plans to run daily buses that make roundtrips from Redding to downtown Sacramento.

The program received funding thanks to an $8.6 million grant by the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program. The all-electric buses will run seven days a week, and tickets are to be $15 one-way. According to KRCR, there will also be stops in Red Bluff, Orland and a feeder bus connection to Chico, as well.

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That’s the good news.

Now time for some bad news: it’ll take a bit of time before the buses start running. Executive Director Dan Little said:

“Getting the buses, that takes time. Now, we can order the buses and go through that procurement process. Unfortunately, that takes a year or better, so we think we’re about a year-and-a-half from being able to operate the services.”

Dan estimates that the buses will allow people to get from Redding to downtown Sacramento in under three hours. That’s pretty close to the time it takes to drive alone!

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