Sacramento Fire Department’s Stolen Fire Truck Recovered

On Saturday, Metro Fire lost one of their fire engines due to a theft, but it was found quickly – along with the suspects, since it’s hard to hide.

By on July 16, 2018
(Photo by Tim Boyle/ Newsmakers)

This is something you’d think would never happen here in Sacramento (maybe), but it did. A fire truck belonging to the Sacramento Fire Department was stolen Saturday afternoon, and was involved in a police chase. The fire engine was active at the time as well, as firefighters were working on a fire in Rio Linda.

Your first thought probably was “why would they steal a fire truck?” Exactly, there are plenty of other cars that blend in a little bit better, and that don’t have GPS tracking. But, alas, these two dimwits decided stealing a fire truck would be a fun day. Around 4pm Saturday, two suspects stole the fire truck from Elkhorn Blvd in the Rio Linda area. They drove it all the way through Roseville and onto Highway 65. They drove it north to Yuba City. Yeah, that’s a long drive in a fire truck.

During the chase, several police agencies were in pursuit of the suspects, including police helicopters. Police actually used spike strips on the roadways to try and stop the truck, but that didn’t work out too well. The truck is so big that even after a tire went flat, disintegrated and completely came off the wheel, the truck just kept going. Eventually the truck stopped near Yuba, and the suspects (a man and a woman) were apprehended. No word on what they were thinking when they decided to steal the truck. See some more info here.

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