Sacramento Family Looking For Stranger Who Paid For Son’s Birthday Cake

A heartbreaking card was left with the cake

By Marilyn Nelson on January 14, 2019
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

This is one of the most touching ways I’ve seen of paying it forward. When a father picked up his son’s birthday cake he was told it had already been paid for, and a heartbreaking card had been left behind. 

Daniel Moorehouse told CBS 13 that they were celebrating his son’s forth birthday on Sunday, and had ordered the cake from the Sacramento Safeway store on Arden Way. When he tried to pay he discovered someone had anonymously already paid for the cake in full. However, it was a bit more that just a random act of kindness. There was a moving note left behind that read:

“Today would have been our niece’s 4th birthday. Unfortunately we lost her when she was 16 months old to natural causes. Please allow us to share a bit of your joy today by purchasing this birthday cake for you and your family.”

The Moorhouse family was deeply touched and would like to thank the anonymous person properly. 

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