Sacramento Celebrity Fat Cat, Norm Lopez Passes Away

RIP little dude

By Marilyn Nelson on December 13, 2019
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Norm Lopez, the fat cat of Midtown, AKA the Mayor of Midtown has passed away. 

The Sacramento chubby cat who has an almost cult-like following could be found most days on 14th street between P and Q Streets. Taking up nearly half of the sidewalk when he stretched out, he refused to move for anyone. You’d just have to stop and pet him. Everyone respected Norm and his big swagger.

Light rail commuters would make a point to stop just to say hello. Local bands have put his image on T-shirts, and his Facebook page has more than 7,000 friends.

Norm was made famous a couple of years ago by a d0-gooder who thought the 26 pound cat was pregnant and in distress. She took him to Front Street Animal Shelter where he was recognized by the staff. They tried to get  in touch with his owner, who was out of town, through Norm’s Facebook page. That’s when a mutual friend saw the message and picked him up. When Norm’s owner returned home she was greeted by quiet a story and a warm reunion.

Norm appeared to be around 18 years old when he died.

Norm wanted to thank the Front Street Animal Shelter by requesting donations for his friends there.

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