Sac Zoo Eyeing New Location In Old Sleep Train Arena

Sac Zoo is outgrowing their location down in Land Park, and they’re getting anxious to upgrade, and are eyeing the old Arena in Natomas as a possibility.

By DAVID on November 5, 2018
(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

The Sacramento Zoo has been talking about renovating for quite some time. It was first built back in 1927, and hasn’t had a major renovation since the 1960s. The zoo has some rendering concepts created, as a “what could be” sort of design. But things are starting to get serious, and they really want to get to work.

There are a lot of reasons they’re looking to upgrade to a new location all together. If you’ve been to the zoo, you know there’s no parking. Not like scarce – there’s just no parking. You’ve got to park around Land Park somewhere, and walk over to the zoo. That’s been guests’ #1 complaint, according to the zoo. Also, Sac Zoo is growing out of the space they have. The entire zoo is contained within less than 15 acres. And due to space constraints, they have actually had to move animals to other facilities outside of Sacramento. Some hippos, a tiger, and bear have all had to move out. They need more space.

The old Sleep Train Arena will provide a lot of solutions for their problems. There’s over 100 acres of space, AND there’s a lot of dedicated parking. Zoo officials have said that, if they were to move to the old arena, that all the space could give them a Jeep safari sort of exhibit. All the parking would be a big bonus and attract a lot more people too. They estimate that the arena location would easily double the amount of business they can do per year. Also, with space for more animals, they can tell the stories of lesser-known animals, and actually have them on site. That would also help to preserve the species.

At the moment, there are no “official” plans of moving to the old arena – it’s merely an idea. But it seems like a pretty good idea, and would certainly help make use of the land around the old arena. It would be a lot of work and time, and there’s no official timeline estimate in place yet, either. See some more information over here. Would you like to see Sac Zoo relocate to the old arena?

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