Roseville Server Gets $200 tip And It’s Not Even Part Of The “Tip The Bill” Challenge

By Felicia Czochanski on August 21, 2018
Photo Illustration by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

David who works at House of Oliver in Roseville thought it was just another Friday night when one of his guests tipped him nearly $200! He’d been working the patio section by himself and after one of his tables left he says, “I pulled the check out to close it and when I pulled it out that’s when I saw everything, their bill was very expensive it was like $190-something, that’s exactly the tip they left me.” And, on the receipt they’d left a note that read, “We’re young, but we’re worth serving.” A surprising gesture that means the world to David who’s fourth child is on the way. The man who left the tip says he was impressed with how hard David was working and wanted to reward him. He also says he didn’t even know about the “Tip The Bill” Challenge where people are tipping their servers 100% of the bill.

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