Roseville Man Using 3-D Printing To Make Custom Prosthetics For California Pets

By Felicia Czochanski on August 14, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

3D Orthosis is a Sacramento-based company that specializes in making custom prosthetics and orthotics for pets. Not to be confused with Orthodontics (for teeth), their products give pets a second chance at walking again. Dmitriy Sergeyev founded the company 3 years ago with a 3D printer and limited knowledge. After years of research and testing, he has partnered with specialists across the state to bring advanced and affordable products to the pets that need them.

Typical wait times on custom products can take as long as 2-3 months as pet owners wait on adjustments and corrections, but with new technology available, 3D Orthosis is able to get pets fitted and walking within 36-72 hours. Most of the injuries they see are ACL tears in larger breeds or degenerative joints in smaller breeds, but sometimes a pet needs a little extra support getting around. If that’s the case, 3D Orthosis uses 3D printing technology to build a precise and custom fitting prosthetic leg around amputations to allow for pets to get back to playing. And while we’re on the topic of 3D printed Prosthetics, check out website to take a look at a few of the pets they’ve helped – including Morgan.

Dimple lost part of her lower limb in an accident and was unable to walk on her stub because of sores and blisters. That is until 3D Orthosis worked with Dr. Van Geem of Motherlode Veterinary Hospital in Grass Valley to bring her a prosthetic limb. Dimple’s leg was 3D Printed with biodegradable plastic in her favorite color red and readjusted over time as her leg grew. She was finally adopted by her forever family and renamed “Morgan” (Captain Morgan) to add some character to her new peg-leg.
Over 300 pets now enjoy restored mobility through 3D printing and 3D Orthosis looks to bring this technology outside of the greater Sacramento area and into the Bay Area.

Check out the website and what they’re doing HERE.



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