‘Roseanne’ Reboot Will Feature Gender Non-Binary Child

What do you think of the casting?

By Admin on January 18, 2018
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The new ‘Roseanne’ reboot, which debuts in March of 2018 is turning heads over the last few weeks. First, because of star Roseanne Barr’s vocal support for President Trump, and now for a casting decision.

CBS News reports that, “one of Darlene and David’s two children is being cast as “gender creative.”

Casting calls for 9-year-old Mark, named after daughter Becky’s late husband, called for actors who can play “sensitive and effeminate” and a child who “displays qualities of both young female and male traits.” In the end, Ames McNamara was cast in the role.

An early production photo of McNamara as Mark reveals that Darlene’s child will show an affinity for dressing in feminine clothing.”

Twitter is all abuzz about the casting, but some users are in support.


What do you think of the decision?

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