Rihanna Is House-Hunting With Her Billionaire Boyfriend In Paris

Rihanna is reportedly looking for a house in Paris with her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel. Paris is the perfect in-between geographically for them.

By Admin on January 29, 2018
(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for FIJI)

Rihanna may be moving to Paris soon. She vacationed there earlier this month with her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel.

The couple reportedly is looking into a home in Paris because it’s geographically more convenient for the both of them. Rihanna spends most of her time in New York, while her boyfriend is a businessman in Saudi Arabia.

According to Music-news.com, a source told Grazia:

“Paris is a six-hour flight from both New York and Saudi Arabia so it’s a good compromise. Rihanna has been looking for a property in Paris for a while and they’ve spent a lot of time there together. They both absolutely adore the city.”

The two have been dating since last spring. They’ve kept a low profile and avoided attending public events together.

The source continued:

“It gives them much more privacy than the U.S. or U.K., which is a huge draw for Rihanna. She almost feels free in Paris and she finds she identifies with French people, who know their own minds.”

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