Ridesharing App – For Kids

Adults have been using ridesharing apps for years now, but if your child wanted to ride, they weren’t allowed to until recently with these specific rideshare services for kids.

By DAVID on December 6, 2018
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Uber and Lyft have rules – you have to be 18+ to ride, or be with an adult. This new app is designed to allow minors to use a rideshare app. They can get a ride to school, or wherever else they may need a ride.

Parents do a lot. Drive to soccer practice, take the kids to school, mall runs – it gets taxing. I know my parents used to pawn me off with other parents to run around and get things done. In fact – those of us with kids spend around 5 extra hours per week driving them around. That’s an average, when compared to the average amount of driving done by someone without kids. When you just don’t have the time to drive your kids to where they need – or want – to be, what do you do?

Well, there are several companies out there that specialize in ridesharing for kids. The drivers are heavily-background checked, and have to pass some very strict tests. They must have a driving record that meets high standards, and there are rules about the cars they drive. The drivers must also meet specific state/local requirements to even be allowed to drive someone under 18 that doesn’t belong to them.

Some apps that specialize in the service are getting more popular. For now, they’re typically found in major cities only, but they’re expanding. One, called “HopSkipDrive,” allows parents to schedule pickup times. So if your kid has an after-school activity, or some kind of practice or lessons, you can schedule the ride in advance. Another app, “Zūm,” is actually working with different school districts as an alternate bus service. There are a couple others as well, including one for children as young as two. Would you ever consider allowing your child to use a ridesharing app by themselves? See some more info here.

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