Reese Witherspoon Has Been Using The Same Body Double For Years

Reese Witherspoon and her body double go way, way back. And for good reason! The two look almost identical. See the picture here.

By Admin on August 16, 2018
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Reese Witherspoon and her body double go way, way back. And for good reason! The two look almost identical.

Different from stunt doubles, body doubles stand in for actors during set-up before filming. They need to look like the actor they’re portraying because they sometimes need to fill in during shooting, as well.

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Witherspoon introduced her longtime body double, Marilee Lessley, who could seriously be her sister. The actress explained on Instagram that they met on set of Legally Blonde 2reports HelloGiggles. They didn’t start working together, however, until 2005’s Just Like Heaven. Ever since then, they’ve been attached at the hip.

Watch the video below.

And below are some bonus photos that Leesley posted on her Instagram.

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@reesewitherspoon and I on set… 📽This was at a very different time in my life. You would have never known that just 1 day prior I was attending my brothers 😢funeral…and that the 2+ weeks prior was spent 💤sleeping in a 😷hospital waiting room waiting for him to wake up from the coma he was in from his motorcycle accident… You would have never known that me and my 3 kids didn't even have a 🏡home and were in the middle of a hard 😢divorce, and that we lived in a friends living room, with just the clothes on our backs to our name…there were more hardships I will not mention here, but basically times were hard…and they even got harder after this day. We all have a story. There are many many layers to mine. 💁🏼Reese came to me on this shoot as she learned about all the tragedies and trials that had unfolded in my life that month and she asked how she could help. Even told me I could go home paid…I was prideful, and told her everything was going to be okay. I didn't need a thing. Inside I was scared and felt like giving up. I wanted to shout "yes!! 😩Please help!!! I don't have a place to live!!!" I was grateful for her listening 👂🏻ear and advice…and touched at her caring ❤️heart. I found strength 💪in that moment because that was all there was to find… When your at the 👇bottom the only place to go is up. It takes 🗓time…it takes work…patience and a lot of 🙏faith that Gods plan is bigger than yours. I found that will inside me and long story short, one step at a time, one 🙏prayer at a time, I rose above it. I became a stronger 💪version of myself. If your reading this and times are tough…my advice to you is to remember that #1 ⛅️your not alone… #2 you WILL and CAN get through this and ⭐️rise above it! Prayer, 🙏faith, and remembering that you are stronger than you think you are. #3 🙄never give up. Ever. No matter how hard it gets. 😉YOU are worth it. I believe in you. OH yeah, and if someone super famous and awesome is trying to throw you a life preserver and help you out, or anyone for that matter…don't be stubborn!!! Accept the blessings and be grateful! Most likely that is God trying to help you through them!

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