Raley’s Says Some Pharmacy Customers’ Data Might Be On Stolen Laptop

Raley’s released a statement over the weekend saying that a laptop computer was stolen from one of their stores, and it contained some customer information.

By DAVID on October 29, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Raley’s released a statement over the weekend saying that a laptop was stolen from one of their stores. On the laptop was some pharmacy customers’ information, but no social security numbers or driver’s license numbers, luckily.

The laptop in question was stolen from a store back in September on the 24th. The laptop was stolen from the pharmacy apparently, and it did have some customers’ information. They’re saying about 10,000 customers are affected, and the information includes names and birthdates. It also has other information, like membership number, health plan info, and a few customers had some prescription info on there as well. The store does say that no social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, addresses, and payment information was NOT on the laptop, so all that info is safe.

Raley’s released an official statement, per HIPAA standards, since patient’s information was potentially compromised. In the release, they mention change of policy for company laptops. They’ve added some security to all the other laptop computers that employees have access to, and have reviewed security policy with their employees. For some more information, head over here for the original story, or contact Raley’s directly at the number in their release.

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