Pro Video Gamer Breaks Up With Model Girlfriend To Spend More Time Gaming

He was in a 3-year relationship with “the world’s sexiest weather girl,” but decided he wanted to focus more time on video games.

By DAVID on July 24, 2018
(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Bethesda Softworks)

This is one of those stories that makes all of us question whether or not we’re the crazy one. This guy is a professional video gamer. He’s been in a relationship with a woman, a professional broadcaster and TV weather person. He needed more time to play video games, so he broke up with her. She’s also called the “world’s sexiest weather girl.” We’ll get to that below.

So, 23-year-old Douglas Martin is a professional video gamer and YouTuber. He’s made a career out of playing games and showing them on YouTube. Really though, there is a surprisingly high amount of money in that. Anyway, he’s been dating Yanet Garcia for about 3 years. She’s a model and TV weather forecaster. She’s called the “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl” because, well, she’s a weather person on TV, and a model, and the internet is full of horndogs. Anyhoo, the two were dating for 3 years, and lived together in New York for a year. She received a job offer back home in Mexico City, and he encouraged it.

After she moved back home, he realized that having a long distance relationship was tough. Mostly because he was playing video games too much. When they lived together it was easier since she was there, but he found it difficult after she moved. Douglas says “Back then it was a lot easier for me to go out and see her… But now I have obligations.” So he broke up with her. He gave a lot of reasons in a video, seen below. What’s the silliest reason you’ve seen people break up? Did someone break up with you for a dumb reason? See more on the story, and pictures of the two here.

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