Placerville Great-Grandmother Asking For Cards And Letters For Her 100th Birthday

Great-grandma wants to go viral

By Felicia Czochanski on July 18, 2018
Taylor/Getty Images)

A Placerville great-grandma is turning 100 years old on August 9th and is hoping people from all over the world will send her letters and cars wishing her a happy birthday! As CBS 13 reports, Eleanor McLaughlin, who was born in 1918, is getting help from her great-grandchildren who have posted her address online, hoping to go viral and get their great-grandmother as many cards and letters as possible.

If you’d like to send Eleanor a card or letter, here’s the info:

Eleanor’s 100th Birthday

1390 Broadway

Suite B-358

Placerville, CA 95667

For perspective, according to Google, 100 years ago, “A pound of round steak cost an average of 37 cents, and pork chops, which had cost 13 cents a pound in 1901, averaged 39 cents in 1918. Five pounds of flour cost 34 cents, and consumers paid 58 cents for a pound of butter.”

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