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Pinkies Up for Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Daughter Luna!

This is just too cute!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend celebrated their daughter’s birthday quarantine style on Sunday according to PEOPLE Magazine, with a backyard tea party! To celebrate Ms. Luna’s 4th birthday, they invited  Luna’s friend, Kennady Rose who also turned 4 for a day of fun! Joined by Miles, Luna’s little brother, the tea party had tons of sweet treats such as cake pops, butter cookies, and sweet “Strawberry Shortcake tea!” All the makings of a perfect Tea party!

Chrissy shared Luna’s outfit (which she picked), a pretty blue gown with tulle sleeves, gloves and a matching hat with a white lace parasol. How adorable is that! 

This tea party didn’t have traditional finger foods, but what 4 year old doesn’t love pizza! Videos show the girls playing in their tea attire under a decorated canopy while Chrissy and Miles enjoy one of her Oreo cake pop!

Check out all the cute pictures of Luna’s Tea party on Chrissy’s Instagram, definitely worth a look!  


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