Paul McCartney’s Rare 1965 Christmas Mixtape Found [LISTEN]

Only three discs are in existence.

By Admin on December 12, 2017
(Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

In 1965, Paul McCartney recorded experimental handmade mixtapes for his fellow Beatles bandmates. That being said, of course, only three discs are in existence.

Crazily enough, an 18-minute recording of the tape has been found. For decades, these recordings have been shrouded in mystery, with only McCartney’s words to go by. According to Rolling Stone, he told historian Mark Lewisohn in 1995:

“It was called Unforgettable and it started with Nat ‘King’ Cole singing ‘Unforgettable. Then I came in over the top as the announcer: ‘Yes, unforgettable, that’s what you are! And today in Unforgettable …‘ It was like a magazine program: full of weird interviews, experimental music, tape loops, some tracks I knew the others hadn’t heard. It was just a compilation of odd things.”

Listen to the sound clip below.

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