Oprah Has Released Her Annual “Favorite Things” List For This Year

Oprah has released her annual list of her favorite things, and I’m not going to lie, a pair of those slippers would do pretty nicely in the studio here…

By DAVID on November 8, 2018
(Photo by John Phillips/John Phillips/Getty Images)

I love reading through Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list every year. There are some interesting, silly, and totally random things. I’m always entertained and surprised by some of the random finds she adds. It’s like clicking through Amazon’s front page and seeing all the weird things that they recommend. So what’s on Oprah’s favorite things list this year? We’ll give a quick run-through below, and share a video from GMA as well.

Her first pick seems to be one of her favorites. It’s a foot-massager. Not just any massager though, she says “When I tried this foot massager, I swear fireworks lit the sky, waves pounded against the shore, and a choir of angels sang.” That’s some serious massaging. Next, she has a jumpsuit. Like, track-pants and a sweater style. She calls it a “onesie for grown-ups,” and says it’s “a pleasure to wear on a long trip because you can curl up in it and still look fresh when you get where you’re going.” She also added that there’s a stripe down the side of the leg, and it “sure does slenderize.”

Now for some strange things. Artisanal Popcorn. Ok, it’s not that strange, it’s just expensive popcorn with some flavor added in, like cookies & cream, and caramel chocolate. Also not strange is some “empowering jewelry.” They’re chains with words like “brave” and “fearless” on them. Pretty cool message, and they’re pretty too. There were also slippers and vests, check out the original story here.

More things on the list from her actual website here include a lot more random things. Fingerless gloves, for example. The iPhone XR made the list as well, the new one. There was some hand-cream, as well as a thank-you card set, which is always good to have. A doggie spa-day kit was included too, as well as a dog DNA-test. Pups need love, too! Bundt cakes, earrings, hand bags – all sorts of things. There’s an Amazon page set up too, which you can see here.

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