Old Sacramento’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Happens This Week

Old Sacramento is an amazing place to see around Christmas, and we’ve got some details when the tree lighting happens, as well as the other events.

By DAVID on November 19, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Nope, you didn’t miss it! If you’ve ever seen Old Sacramento’s Christmas Tree, you know how grand it is and how wonderful it looks. If you’ve never seen a lighting ceremony, now’s your chance.

Old Sacramento Waterfront will be having their Christmas tree lighting ceremony this Wednesday the 21st. That’s the day we start playing Christmas music, by the way. Their ceremony will start at 4pm, and the actual lighting of the tree starts at 6pm. The ceremony will be a special event, with performances, food, and all sorts of things.

Then, if the little ones (or you, we understand) want to ride the Polar Express, that starts on Friday the 23rd. Make sure you try to get those tickets soon, it sells out pretty quickly if it hasn’t already. Hot chocolate, cookies, and even a silver bell from Santa himself at the end of the ride.

Also starting this week is the Theatre of Lights Spectacular, directly after the tree lighting. The streets and shops of Old Sacramento are lined with thousands of gorgeous and colorful Christmas lights. The lights will be there any day, but the special performances happen on Thursday through Sunday evenings through Christmas Eve. At 6 and 7:30pm those days (only 6pm on Christmas Eve), storytellers will share the story “Twas the Night Before Christmas” in a unique style.

Old Sacramento has something for you to check out for Christmas every year, with this year being no exception. Seriously, if you’ve never seen Old Sac decorated for Christmas, it’s worth going. It’s so beautiful, especially with the Tower Bridge in the background. A fantastic spot to take the kids to get some Christmas photos this year, and a nice way to spend an evening keeping the kids entertained. See some more details about the events here.

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