Officer Rescues Shelter Animals From Wildfire, Body Cam Footage [VIDEO]

The fire over the weekend in Vacaville was quickly approaching an animal shelter, but fast acting volunteers and police were able to save all 67 of them.

By DAVID on August 14, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Huge shout-out to this police officer who rescued a whole bunch of animals from a shelter in the path of a wildfire. 67 animals in total were saved, and that includes a snake that was in the shelter as well.

This happened in Vacaville, and the shelter in question is the Solano SPCA building. The fire out there from Friday night, the Nelson Fire, was approaching the building. Staff had already gone for the day but had come back to help the animals. An officer showed up as well, Officer Carly Stone. Together, all the volunteers helped to get as many animals as they could before having to vacate the area. “We could see the active flames coming down… We had a short window to get out as many animals as we could before we knew we had to evacuate,” she says.

They were loading the animals into crates and putting them in cars to get out of there. When Officer Stone realized time was short, she just started to put animals in her patrol car. “I ended up with three dogs in my car that night… I had nowhere to put the dogs, they seemed to be happy to be with me, so we just went to work and started evacuating houses for a few hours until I could get them back into the SPCA.”

The building was saved from the fire, as well as all the animals. Some of them were in the process of being adopted and went to their new families. Others were returned to the shelter. SPCA officials say they’ve been getting a lot of food donations, but say they need more cash donations for medicine. Power was out for a couple days, and the vaccines they had stored in the fridge were ruined.


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