Now Hiring: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Driver

Oscar Mayer is looking for someone to drive its Wienermobile across the country.

By Marilyn Nelson on January 6, 2020
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

This may be the job you’ve been dreaming about…if you’ve been dreaming about navigating the Wienermobile across the United States handing out little Wienermobile whistles.

Oscar Mayer is looking for a ‘Hotdogger’ aka the person who drives the Wienermobile and represents the company while traveling across the lower 48 states.

“We need outgoing, creative, friendly, enthusiastic, graduating college seniors who have an appetite for adventure and are willing to see the country through the windshield of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile,” the job opening reads.

The job is full-time for one year and pays a pretty decent salary as well as expenses, benefits and team apparel. 

Apply HERE if you’re absolutely giddy about the possibility of driving a 27-foot hot dog.

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