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A Northern California Man’s Stunning Michael Jackson Halloween Display [VIDEO]

A Northern California man has made a seriously cool Halloween light display based on Michael Jackson hits, and it’s open this weekend.

Tom BetGeorge lives over in Tracy, CA, and he’s made a seriously impressive Michael Jackson Halloween light display. Of course the first song in the video is “Thriller,” but he plays a full playlist of Michael throughout the display’s performance. Here’s a video, to cut straight to the point.

This is really awesome! It sort of gives off a Christmas light-vibe at first, but you forget about that pretty quickly after it starts getting into the songs. Tom has been doing Christmas displays for years, but recently got into Halloween. Last year he did a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme, “Disney Villians” in 2015, and this year, Michael Jackson. They get better every year, and there’s no question a ton of work and planning goes into these projects.

Tom says his display this year is running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights 7-9pm, and on Halloween it’s running until 10pm. Here’s a lot more information from a Facebook post he made about the display, including address and parking:

Planning to check it out? Have you ever seen any of his displays before? Source.

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