New Security Cam Tech Can Track You And Message Your Phone

Not only can these new security cameras track your specific movements, but they can send you personalized text messages too.

By on June 15, 2018
(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

So this is concept technology, but initial testing seems to show that it does work as intended. It’s a type of security camera that can track people, and send that person personal messages to their phones. It can be useful for when people are distracted by their phone, or for marketing uses. Also, in museums, it can be used to send information to your phone about an exhibit you’re looking at.

The technology keeps you anonymous, and it doesn’t require you to register with anything. You don’t have to submit your info, the cameras just seem to sort of “know” how to get a message to your phone. So here’s the basics of how it works, with a lot of the specific tech info left out. Honestly, it’s beyond what most of us here at the writing station at Mix 96 can comprehend anyway. So, the camera watches a setting as usual, whether it be a room or a street, whatever. It tracks people, and builds a sort of “map” about people it sees. It measures walking speed, your path through the space, a few different things.

After the measurements are complete, it builds messages that it wants to send, and just broadcasts them to the entire space. When your phone receives that message, it compares the “movement map” to it’s own internal map. Your phone has sensors that can measure your movement as well, like side-to-side motion, steps, etc. When your phone determines that the message’s “map” matches the map in the phone, your phone clears the message for display, and you see it. It’s pretty complex, but very interesting. Here’s a video that touches on the basics, sort of.

So it’s useful in warning people who are buried in their phone that they’re walking towards some kind of hazzard. It can also be useful for specific marketing techniques, like sales or coupons. Exhibit or art information for a personal tour in a museum. Public safety is a big one as well, as it can warn you if someone is following you or hiding around a corner. The best part about this tech is that it, again, doesn’t need any info about you at all. Once you leave the camera’s view, you’re gone. It doesn’t know your name, phone number, anything. Pretty cool. No word on when we’ll see the tech deployed in the real world, but we’re sure it’s still several years out. Check out the page here for more info. All the super-technical details can be seen here as well.

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