A New Amazon Alexa-Enabled Microwave Just Came Out [VIDEO]

Amazon has been working on some new Alexa technology, and one of their newly released devices is a connected microwave you can run using Alexa.

By on September 21, 2018
(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

I feel like this was a movie back in the 90s. Appliances that were self-aware, and eventually ganged up on someone. No? Ok, I’ll just tell you the story then.

Amazon released a bunch of new Alexa devices, one of which is a microwave. The microwave isn’t totally self-aware though, you’ll have to have an Echo nearby for it to work. Hey, that’s good news? Anyway, you’ll be able to shout voice commands at the microwave to control cooking time and other functions. “Alexa, make me dinner!” Wait, that almost sounds sexist – nevermind, don’t do that.

The microwave will also support Amazon’s “Dash” buttons – those one-click-to-order things. So you can order more popcorn, cling-wrap, or other things with the press of a button. The microwave is branded as “AmazonBasics,” and it will sell for about $60. But really, do you need a voice-controlled microwave? It’s like the “eject” button on the remote for your DVD/Blu-ray player. Sure you can do it from the couch, but you still have to get up and walk over to it. Here’s some more information on the new microwave.

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