Nearly Half Of All Moms Fake Gift Reactions

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and that means we as children and spouses will be showering her in gifts, but sometimes she fakes her reaction.

By on May 11, 2018
(Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers)

Being a mom is rewarding, and very difficult. Mother’s day is a great day for your children (and spouse) to recognize all your hard work. Even though “it’s the thought that counts,” sometimes there could have been a little more thought put into gifts and recognition.

About 40% of all moms fake reactions to gifts. Now, this doesn’t mean that moms are materialistic, it could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have one, maybe you didn’t need one, or maybe you wanted the other one. It’s not even the “thing” anyway, some of the best gifts are home made or ones that have sentimental value. Macaroni glued to paper is still a thing that kids do, and we still see them on cubicle walls here in our offices.

The top-5 reactions that moms use when trying to fake it include:
5) “I really needed one of these”
4) “Wow, this is great”
3) “I love it”
2) “Aww!”
1) And finally, a simple “Thank you” is the most common phrase when mom is faking her reaction to a gift, according to the poll.

Come to think of it, every gift I’ve ever gotten my mother ended up like that, and now I”m a little depressed. Anyway, the things that moms love to receive the most are simple things like cards or a brunch outing, all the way to a family trip somewhere (where she doesn’t have to do anything around a house). Some other things on the list include something homemade, and something sentimental, like mentioned above. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received for Mother’s Day? What’s the best? Check our the stats here for some more info.

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