Name a Cockroach After Your Ex for Valentine’s Day

By djsheryl on January 17, 2023
(Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Sure, your terrible ex doesn’t deserve a gift or honor of any kind…but, consider this a gift of satisfaction to yourself. Several zoos are giving you the opportunity to name a cockroach (or rat) after your ex for a donation. The San Antonio Zoo will even feed it to one of the animals and send you a video to laugh at and share. The best part of this promotion is knowing that your donation is helping to keep animals fed, housed, and healthy. Some good can finally come out of your toxic relationship! The cockroach doesn’t HAVE to be named after an ex. You can name them after anyone who “bugs” you.

Here are three zoos providing this service!

San Antonio Zoo

Bronx Zoo

Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy

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