More Parents Buying Bulletproof Backpacks For Back To School

The bulletproof backpacks and shields can cost up to $300.

By Doug Lazy on August 12, 2019
(Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Sales of bulletproof backpacks are on the rise as parents are sending their children back to school… says that Office Depot is one of the retailers selling backpacks that can stop a bullet! The article says that there are also inserts that can slip into standard backpacks that can serve the same purpose. So how much do they cost? The article says that the bulletproof backpacks and the insertable “shields” start at $100 and can go up to $300.

Parents like Eric Swanson say that is a small price to pay for  their child’s safety. This is what he told the article that the backpacks:

“They can protect children in a way that doesn’t require them to think about it other than pull the thing up.”

Manufacturers of these bulletproof backpacks and shields have seen a spike in sales in the days following the recent mass shootings in America.

The article says that a company is San Francisco has also developed a hoodie that is bulletproof against handguns.

Would YOU pay up to $300 for a bulletproof backpack?

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