Mom Forgets To Check Dimensions Of The Pool She Bought

When you’re buying a new kiddie pool for your children to splash around in this summer, don’t forget to check the box for the dimensions.

By on June 15, 2018
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

This is one of those stories that’s probably happened to all of us, in some form. We get excited about buying something, but overlook some sort of important thing about that item. This woman was excited about a good deal on a pool for her kids, but forgot to check the size.

It’s summer time (basically, Juse 21st but we were over 100 this week), and she just wanted a pool for her kids. Those cheap rubber inflatable pools are a good option. They’ll usually make it through the year, they’re quick to fill and empty out too. Kids just need to splash around in something, there’s no reason for toddlers to need a full-size pool either. So she went to the store to track one down. Once she was looking around the store, she found what she thought was an amazing deal.

A perfect, blue, inflatable pool, new, and for only a buck! She quickly grabbed it, and excitedly took it home to get it filled up for her kids. She took the pool out of the box and began to inflate it. The inflating process didn’t take too long though, and it was a small pool. Not small like perfect for two young toddlers, but small as in like a bed for a cat. The pool is tiny, slightly bigger than a shoe. See a picture and the link back to the story just below.

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