M&Ms Releases Update To Classic ‘Fainting Santa’ Commercial [Video]

Although it’s adorable, there’s one glaring error in it.

By Admin on November 29, 2017

The 1996 M&Ms commercial about the candies confronting Santa Claus while he’s passing out presents has been a staple during the holidays.

“He does exist.” “They do exist.” Have been ingrained in our heads as Santa collapses.

Here’s the original commercial:


Guess what? M&Ms is continuing the classic commercial with a sequel that picks up right after the Santa collapses.

In the commercial, the other M&M in the ad takes it upon himself to try and get all of Santa’s presents delivered while the real deal’s knocked out cold. Although he mixes up the gifts, it ends with a heartwarming message for the Christmas season.

You can see the continuation commercial here, it will be airing with 30, 60 and 90 second versions:


It’s adorable. However, isn’t this supposed to take place in 1996 like the original commercial? How does Santa Claus have a smart phone in his pocket?

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