Mix Monday Motivation | Learn from Tiger

By Admin on April 15, 2019
(Photo by Kyodo News via Getty Images)

It’s not too late.  Tiger Woods has just won his 5th Masters. “He had gone nearly 11 years since he won his last major, 14 years since that green jacket was slipped off his Sunday red shirt”. Doug Ferguson, the Associated Press

I found myself rooting for him yesterday. I think we love seeing people overcome because it gives us hope that we can too. 

I have this little saying “get your brave on”.  I put it on little pieces of paper to remind me. I find it in my pocket, in my car, on my bedside table.  It motivates me to be brave and helps me overcome regret. 

Just do one brave thing a day towards overcoming and you will get to your own version of the “green jacket.” Maybe it’s getting out of debt, starting a business, or going back to school.  Just one brave step a day will eventually get you there. Tiger kept playing golf, he didn’t let the criticism stop him.  He kept playing tournament after tournament, with no major win for 11 YEARS!

“My mind is my biggest asset, I expect to win in every tournament I play.”-Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods seems to have found a way to forget what happened in his past. He has pressed on through difficulties and dysfunction to what lies ahead for his future. He’s focused on it. If Tiger can, we can too. 

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