Missing Woman Participates In Search Party For Herself

A woman strayed from a tour group, came back, and participated in a search party for herself after the group didn’t realize she was back.

By DAVID on August 31, 2018
(Photo by Daniel Munoz/Getty Images)

This isn’t the start of a bad joke, and there was no memory loss involved. A woman literally participated in the search party for herself after she went missing.

The woman was part of a tour group. At some point during a stop at a park in Iceland, the woman strayed off from the group. While she was off doing her own thing, she changed her clothes, and then met back up with the group. They all loaded on the bus, and off they went to the next stop. A little bit later into the bus ride, some people noticed the woman. They didn’t recognise her, but did notice that someone was missing. The description of the missing person – “Asian, in dark clothing and speaks English well.”

Fast forward to getting the police involved, and a massive search effort – that she participated in! She didn’t recognize the description of herself, so she helped search for herself. The coast guard was even preparing a helicopter to aid the search. The search group went on into about 3am Sunday before someone realized what was happening. It’s not clear how they came to find that the woman was who they were looking for, but I can’t imagine what the reactions from the group would have been. Relief? Anger? Laugh? In any case, it’s a good story to tell as a reminder that you should always stick with the group. Or at the very least, make sure someone knows what you’re doing.

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