Are Millennials Really ‘Killing’ Relationships?

Millennials are blamed for a lot of things in today’s world, and now they’re being accused of killing the traditional “relationship” in favor of staying single.

By on October 10, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Millennials have been catching a lot of, well, crap. They’re constantly being blamed for basically the downfall of society. They’re called lazy, entitled, selfish, and now they’re being accused of killing relationships. A recent study says that millennials have lower divorce rates than other generations, and maybe that’s because they’re just not having relationships at all.

Yes, the generation that can’t find mail stamps seems to be avoiding relationships. When the good ‘old dating app Tinder set out to do some research, they talked to about 1,000 people aged 18-25. They found out that about 72% of those people have “have made a conscious decision” to not enter a relationship. Now, does that mean they’re “staying single” to get the benefit of “being single?” Or does it just mean they’re trying to focus on school and work? However you look at it, it would seem that millennials are supporting themselves more than relying on a partner.

Tinder has a staff “relationship expert,” licensed clinical social worker Darcy Sterling. She says that crossing off “get married” from a life “to-do” list has been a normal thing for generations. These days, millennials are focussed more on themselves and living their own life. “Millennials are questioning norms and societal problems,” she says. Also, it was found that for women, being single “can mean feelings of independence and empowerment.” Darcy Sterling says that this is great for millennial women who prioritize their own life and careers without sacrificing anything for their love life. See some more info on this research over here.

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