Middle School Students In Rocklin Using Crafts To Help Australia’s Animals

Middle school students in Rocklin are providing their help by crafting pouches for animals that have been affected by the devastating Australian wildfires.

By NathanG on January 15, 2020
(Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

Rocklin students are doing their part to help the animals rescued from the Australian wildfires. 

According to Good Day Sacramento, students at Spring View Middle School gathered together in their Home Economics class, led by teacher Erin Brady. Together, the 50 students teamed up to sew pouches for the kangaroos, wallabies and bats affected by the fire. In addition to leading the class, Brady is also reportedly part of an online crafting group whose mission is to help animals rescued from the Australian wildfires. Brady shared her vision of involving her students, saying: “To me, the best thing we can do is teach them to be good humans, and this is part of that: reaching out and helping others.”

In addition to the inspiring actions of these students, UC Davis veterinarian Jamie Peyton is also heading down to Australia to help the animals. She will reportedly be bringing techniques and technology she helped pioneer to treat animals affected by the Camp Fire.

To read more about the students’ involvement with helping the Australian animals, click here.

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