Menstrual Cycle Tracking Added To Fitbit

Fitbit is adding a few new health-tracking features to their fitness tracker apps, and that includes menstrual cycle and fertility tracking.

By on May 7, 2018
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fitbit)

Do you wear a Fitbit? Are you keeping track of your steps and water intake? The Fitbit people are adding a new tracking feature that will let you keep track of your cycle. It promises a a lot of good info in the process, too.

There’s no question that Fitbit seems to be the leader in fitness tracking; you see them everywhere. A quick jog through our office and you’ll see about 40% of us wearing a Fitbit. A few more people have the Apple watch which tracks fitness as well. Fitbit is trying to win some more users with this new feature. They’re adding a menstrual cycle tracking feature, and it sounds like a good thing for several reasons.

Even though you probably have a pretty good idea of when you’re going to start, the Fitbit addition will make it easier to track. They’re also going to use it as a fertility tracker, letting you know when you can try for a baby (or a good idea of when you probably won’t get pregnant, but let’s not take that too seriously). The feature will be added for the Versa and Ionic watches only though. Those are the two larger fitness trackers the company offers. Back to the whole size thing, eh? Actually, the new Versa is a bit smaller than it looks in pictures it seems. Anyway, the menstrual/fertility feature should be available later this month.

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In other activity tracker news, they’ve also introduced a new texting feature for the same two smartwatches. A “quick reply” for text messaging. It’s coming out for the Android version of their app, and it will let you reply with “Yes,” “No,” or a “Sounds Good!” response. All from the convenience of your Fitbit smartwatch. In today’s totally connected world where a prompt response is basically expected, having the convenience to respond from a watch is just awesome. That feature kicks off on Android versions this week, according to reports. Fitbit is also adding a few clock faces and other apps that will help monitor other medical conditions (diabetes, for example). Also, reported to be released later this week.

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