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Memorial Day At Home

Make this Memorial Day a good one!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Even though we can’t spend it the way we want, there are other ways to honor today! Here’s our favorite from GoodHouse Keeping

1. Listen to a Veteran story 
Call your favorite Vet via Zoom or anyway you connect with family virtually and ask them to tell you their favorite military moment or listen to active member/veterans HERE. If you’d rather read, look for military memoirs! 
2. Write letters to soldiers and their families 
This may be a day off for some but to honor those who have fallen and active members of the military, write a hand written note to an active member or veteran then take them to A Million Thanks drop box! 
3. Create patriotic chalk art 
Spend the day outside of your home barbecuing, swimming, and creating a patriotic mural or just writing out a “Thank You” with your chalk to show appreciation! 
4. Watch the Memorial Day concert 
PBS host a concert every year each Sunday before Memorial Day. Join others for this star studded celebration! Check it out HERE
5. Watch a patriotic movie 
Spend the day in honoring Memorial Day watching your favorite action packed war movies such American Sniper, 1917 or Full Metal Jacket! 
6. Clip coupons 
Clips your coupons from your Sunday paper and save them! Once you collect enough mail them off to a military base with a overseas coupon program. The soldier can save coupons up to 6 months after the expiration date at the military commissary, saving money for their family. 
Check out GoodHouse Keeping full list! 


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