Meeting your future in-laws for the first time this holiday?

Have you recently gotten engaged? Congratulations! This should be one of the most exciting times of your life.

By on November 21, 2019

During the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, it’s inevitable that you’ll meet your in-laws or the family of your significant other. Of course, it’s very important to dress to impress, but there are more vital things to prepare than the bling.

Before the gathering, it’s crucial to talk with your partner. You are a team now and your partner should know what you are feeling. Being open to your partner will help you become more comfortable or at least survive the meeting gracefully.

Try to be as thoughtful as possible by bringing something to the table. You don’t need to bring an expensive present, just something you can put on the table which could be a good conversation starter. Don’t expect that everyone will like you. Just be as calm as you can, and know your partner has your back.

If your partner isn’t very supportive at least you keep your emotional levels in check. Keep in mind that you can’t please everyone, and they might have lots of comments for you. It’s normal and don’t take them personally. After all, it’s just a short visit and it’ll be over soon.

The best thing to keep in mind is to be yourself.  Of course we want to impress them but in the end it’s the love that you and your partner share.  If that is strong the future in-laws should see that and be happy for you UNLESS they are insecure monster in-laws to be.  If that’s the case then part 2 is coming! lol.

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