Medic Claims Attack, Turns Out He Stabbed Himself Five Times

By DAVID on October 16, 2018

This is an interesting, odd, and scary story. A medic, like, the one who rides in an ambulance and rescues people, claims he was attacked. The alleged attack happened in a gas station bathroom, but investigators say things didn’t quite add up.

It happened last night just after 10pm over in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The medic was waiting on standby when he took a trip to the restroom inside the gas station convenience store. That’s when he says he was attacked. The medic apparently suffered 5 stab wounds to his chest. He was transported to the hospital in an ambulance very much like the one he spends his day-to-day life in. But after he got to the hospital and the investigation into the attack started happening, things weren’t adding up at all.

It was later (quickly) determined that there was no attack at all. Details haven’t really been released yet, but the stab wounds were all self-inflicted. The medic stabbed himself 5 times, claimed an attack, and was taken to the hospital. Once police saw the surveillance video from the convenience store, they were able to determine that there was no attacker. The medic has been placed on administrative leave, and will probably be evaluated by some other doctors, too.

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