Marilyn’s Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle With Medifast

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In Marilyn’s words:

“I enjoy constantly experimenting with healthy cooking and living life, instead of hiding from it.

Before my journey with the Medifast Centers began, I would shy away from most activities. I was self-conscious, had lost a lot of self-esteem, and just didn’t have the energy or desire to participate. Since losing 110 pounds I finally have my life back.

How did I get so heavy? I guess my bad habits finally caught up with me after years of eating the wrong stuff and too much of it. As my weight began to climb so did my denial. I simply couldn’t ignore the problem any longer. When I heard about the Medifast Centers opening in the Sacramento area, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. During the free consultation my personal counselor described the simple, healthy, easy to follow plan. Little did I know that just by stepping into the Medifast Center that day everything was about to change…and I’m so glad it did!”

Nelson, Marilyn After Front Nelson, Marilyn before front
Nelson, Marilyn After Side Nelson, Marilyn before side