Man Installed Alarm To Stop Neighbor’s Kids Playing

A man was so fed up with his neighbor’s children playing in their own yard that he’s fighting back with his own loud noises.

By on April 30, 2018
(Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

One of the most rude methods for getting kids to stop playing comes to us from Canada. A man fed up with his neighbor’s children playing outside installed an alarm. The alarm is on his own property, and it goes off whenever the kids next door go out to play.

Let’s try to paint a picture here. There’s a neighborhood in Canada. All the houses are similar – they look nice, the house younger families, and they’re all fenced in. The fences are tall and provide privacy, perfect for letting your young children go out and play without concern. The problem is that one man who lives in a house is fed up with the noise. Look, kids play loudly sometimes, they scream and have noisy toys. As long as it’s within reason there shouldn’t be a problem. This guy thinks otherwise though.

Over the winter season, the man installed an alarm in his backyard. Basically a burglar alarm. The alarm is mounted in his yard, but it “monitors” the neighbor’s yard. Whenever her children go outside in their own fenced-in backyard to play, the alarm goes off. Nobody wants to play with a loud, annoying alarm going off, right? The alarm is noise-sensitive, and when the children are playing too loudly, that’s when it goes off. The two families have been feuding over noise for a couple years now. The mom, Chelsey, is speaking with community mediators to try and find a solution. See more details on the grumpy neighbor here. Do you have a nasty neighbor who always tries to fight with you over things?

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