Man Cleans Out His Closet, Becomes A Millionaire Instantly

By DAVID on October 8, 2018

Hang on, I’m leaving work to go clean out my closet.

Nope, nothing but a bill I forgot to pay, which means I actually lost money when I cleaned out my closet. Great. This guy cleaned out his closet, and took a cool $1.32M to the bank afterwards. How it happened, he says it was because his sister motivated him. Gregorio had been putting off cleaning out his closet, which was apparently long overdue. His sister came in and gave him some motivation, and he finally got started on the project. Old pants that don’t fit, dirty shoes, torn shirts, old suits, the works. He came across an old jacket that had something in the pockets. No, not a bank, but an old lottery ticket from December 2017.

He took that ticket to get scanned, although he didn’t think it was going to amount to much. He had one $2,000 a few years earlier, and probably figured “what are the odds?” When the clerk scanned the ticket, he saw the amount and originally thought it was just $1,750. Turned out it was actually $1.75 million (Canadian, which works out to $1.32 million US dollars), and says his heart nearly stopped. “I would never have looked in that wardrobe without her,” Gregorio said about his sister. He says he plans to pad his retirement, and take his nephew to some hockey games.

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