Man Changed Name To ‘Captain America,’ Getting Married, Has Cure For STDs

This guy, who sounds like the busiest man alive, changed his name to “Captain America,” wants to be President, says he can cure STDs, and is getting married.

By DAVID on October 2, 2018
(Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)

Oh I’m serious. The guy’s name is Captain America. He’s getting married tomorrow (10-03). He also wants to be President of the United States. And he says he’s cured some STDs as well.

Captain is 26, and he’s set to get married to his girlfriend, Amanda Gosnell (who has 4 kids), tomorrow afternoon. He’s a nursing student at Illinois Central College. Captain was actually born Mark Johnson, but three years ago decided he should change his name if he wants to run for political office. He has plans to help save America, as well as modern medicine. “I think the name will stick out on ballots,” he says about the new name. Absolutely, it would. He actually went through all the paperwork, went to court, and paid a $250 fee – his name is legally changed.

In school, he’s been studying some STDs. He says that he thinks he’s developed a cure for several of them. “It was just simple mathematics and an understanding of antibiotics,” Captain says. He wouldn’t say which ones, and also says that except for people in his “circle,” he hasn’t let any health officials know. He does say that he’d let the government in on his secret, since they could use it around the world. Captain added that it would also help cure our national debt, alluding back to his political aspirations.

I know, this all sounds bizarre, but read on. When asked about their relationship, Amanda says that they met just 4 months ago. Apparently Captain’s ex girlfriend introduced the two, and then became mad when they started dating. Captain says that his ex hit him on the head with a brick. Captain “shook it off” and moved on with Amanda. Also, remember that Amanda already has 4 kids. Apparently the two are “gonna have 12 together,” if their plan works out. I’m not sure if that’s 12 more, or 8 more for 12 total, but there you go. I know how this whole story sounds, read the original story here for yourself.

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