Man Accused Of Killing 21 Coworkers Over Past 18 Years

A man found strange white powder on his lunch that was kept in the office fridge, and it sparked a murder investigation looking back nearly 20 years.

By DAVID on June 28, 2018
(Photo by Steffi Loos/Getty Images)

This guy has been flying under the radar for nearly two decades, it would seem. He was caught on camera tampering with someone’s lunch in the work cafeteria. Once that was in the open, the investigation opened up to the past 18 years.

The man worked at an industrial facility. The company makes various products, including metal pipe fittings. Over the past 18 years, since the year 2000, there have been 21 deaths of employees in the company. There was no investigation into anything suspicious though, until just recently. A coworker of the man sat down to eat his lunch one day when he noticed there was some kind of powder on his food. Curious who was playing a prank on him, he told management, and they looked into the security camera recordings. The cameras revealed the suspect in question sprinkling a powder on the lunch.

Management decided to have the powder tested, and it came back with a scary answer. Lead acetate – which is a very toxic substance. When those results were discovered, police started investigating as an attempted murder. The searched the suspect’s house and found more substances used to make “poison.” Now, here’s the other alarming part. The other 21 deaths (plus two more people, one in a coma and one on dialysis) over the past 18 years are now being investigated. A majority of the other deaths were caused by heart attack or cancers – which can all be caused by heavy metal poisoning. The suspect has worked for that company since 1990. Source.

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